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Our Standard Terms for regular &  expedited services


Acceptance of these terms, by way of shipping goods, will constitute an agreement between Equitrans Express International Inc. "EQUITRANS" and the "CUSTOMER" company or person who owns and/or is the shipper of the freight relating to this quotation "CARRIER" represents contracted company undertaking physical transportation of freight. It is acknowledged that these conditions will apply to this and all future shipments arranged by EQUITRANS for CUSTOMER.

a) Rates are expressed in CAD or USD funds as indicated in "Customer Price Details" payable 30 days from invoice date. Overdue invoices are subject to 2% interest per month 24% per annum. Customers paying by credit card agree to the use of their credit card for this and subsequent shipments until a credit account is established with Equitrans. Customer acknowledges accessorial charges assessed in relation to a shipment will be billed in the same method as the original shipment.
b) CUSTOMER is responsible for accessorial charges resulting from inaccurate weight, measurement, freight class, tailgate usage.
c) All quotations are subject to a maximum valuation of $2.00 per pound based on actual weight unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Maximimum valuation for used/personal items is $.10/Lb. Shipper is responsible for ensuring adequate securement &tarping for flatbed cargo. Third party insurance costs, if applicable, are non-refundable including if shipment is cancelled.
d) 1 hour is free for load/unload (less than truckload), 2 hours free for load/unload (full truckload) excess time is billed at $65.00/hour thereafter. Tailgate service if required is $75.00/use.
e) All quotations and customer confirmations are subject to equipment availability. Equitrans does not guarantee equipment availability unless specifically stated in writing and signed by an officer of the company.
f) Pick up and delivery times stated are approximate and not guaranteed. Equitrans cannot accept liability for delays or losses beyond its direct and reasonable control.
g) ShipCanada,, &Equitrans Global Logistics are divisions of Equitrans Express International Inc.
h) Customer authorizes EQUITRANS, in its discretion, to engage the services any qualified carrier, cartage service, warehouse, 3PL, co-broker, customs brokerage or other applicable service.
i) CUSTOMER acknowledges that the actual/signing Carrier providing physical transportation of goods is solely liable for any and all claims arising from the transport of CUSTOMER'S freight. CUSTOMER (the Principal) indemnifies and holds harmless EQUITRANS (the Agent) from any claims for loss or damage including special or consequential damages resulting from transport services arranged by EQUITRANS. In the event a claim arises from services provided, Equitrans will make available to CUSTOMER all necessary forms and insurance documents pertaining to Carrier's cargo/liability insurance.
j) TONU or "Truck ordered not used" charges are $75.00 for LTL under 5000 lbs. $125.00 Partial Loads and $200.00 for Full Truckloads.
k) CUSTOMER acknowledges that the insertion of EQUITRANS name on shipping documents, of any kind, does not represent or imply it is acting in the capacity of a CARRIER. For small package and LTL shipments CUSTOMER must use only use Shipping Labels/Bill of Lading provided by EQUITRANS.
l) Under no circumstance can a claim be deducted from outstanding amounts owed to EQUITRANS by CUSTOMER.
m) The provincial court of Ontario, Canada will have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute arising under or in connection with this agreement.
n) The Individual signing as the CUSTOMER has the authority to bind the corporation.
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