Bill of Lading 101

Bill of Lading:  Learn what it is and how to use it.

Your Bill of Lading is the shipper's specific set of instructions when it comes to contracting a carrier.  The Bill of Lading or (BOL) a legal document for carriage of goods, it is also the only document that can be used to prove goods were received in good order by the appropriate person.

Your ShipFlatbed Rep will be happy to make you a basic bill of lading based on the dispatch information we have for your shipment, however, it is always the responsibility of the shipper to verify the information contained within the bill of lading beofre loading a truck.  Specifically, shippers should verifiy quantities, dimensions, weight, addresses and valuations.

Below is a diagram showing the most basic elements which must be present on a standard bill of lading.

Bill of Lading

Bill Of Lading
To Accompany all Shipments

The bill of lading is a document, issued to a shipper/exporter by a carrier or trucking company, that describes the goods to be shipped, acknowledges their receipt and states the terms of the contract for their carriage.

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